About the System

Q: What is the Agrisat Field Viewer?

A: The AgriSat Field Viewer is an online service that offers affordable satellite imagery to help farmers and farm advisers develop crop management strategies.

Q: What imagery is provided?

A: The service aims to provide a minimum of three images of varying resolutions per year. The amount of images supplied will be dependant on weather conditions as images cannot be acquired when there is cloud cover.

Q: What software do I need to run the AgriSat Field Viewer?

A: The only software needed to run the system is an internet browser. The system is compatible with all major browers including: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Browser and Apple Safari. For best speeds we recommend either Mozzilla Firefox www.mozilla.org
or Google Chrome www.google.com/chrome). However you also need to have javascript enabled on your browser (this is enabled by default on most browsers) and a stable and reasonably fast internet connection.

Q: Do I have javascript enabled?

A: If javascipt is enabled, you will see the words 'javascipt enabled' after this colon:

Q: How do I enable Javascript?

A: This Link has instructions on how to enable Javascript in most popular browsers.

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