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The Service
The AgriSat Field Viewer is an on-line service offered to farms in Hampshire. We will provide you with satellite images of your farm as they are acquired during the growing season. You enter field location and cropping details and the field viewer shows the sequence of images for any field on your farm. Fields can be compared based on cropping, variety and sowing date.
Infra-Red and NDVI Image
Field Viewer
Benefits of using Satellite Data
The AgriSat Field Viewer offers major benefits for crop management. The service can be used by farmers or farm advisors. For advisors and large farmers there are major benefits of office based field monitoring over multiple farms/large areas as a means of targeting field inspection and advice. Other benefits include:

  • Field inspection - targeting field effort to problem areas identified on imagery
  • Management zones - identification and delineation
  • Crop canopy development - nitrogen, fungicide and growth regulator regimes
  • Disease/pest management and treatment
The infra-red image below was acquired in April and shows how variablity within a field can be identified.
Free Trial
The free trial is offered to farmers in Hampshire for 2013. To become a registered user all you need to do is input your details and enter the supplied Activation Code.

The free trial includes:

  • Use of the Field Viewer for viewing images taken on 02 April 2013, 01 May 2013 and a further image to be acquired in June 2013
  • Notification of image acquisition by email
  • Technical support
  • Images available for a large area of Hampshire
Additional Services
Vegetation index images can also be requested at an additional charge. These images are cut to field boundaries and can be used in farm managment systems (e.g. Gatekeeper and Farmworks) for precision agriculture and variable rate applications. The charge for this service is £3 per hectare and will include the provision of vegetation index images of your requested fields.
Coverage of Imagery Available for AgriSat Users Close
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